Bicycle safety innovations

the world's first smart bicycle pedal with turn signals 


PED is the first smart bicycle pedal with turn signals offering 360° visibility. Make yourself visible! Feel safe!


Thanks to its technology, PED exploits the energy lost while pedaling. No recharging, no battery!

Coming soon!


Keep track of your progress and stay fit! Connect PED to your smartphone, monitor and record your fitness data.

Coming soon!


PED won the Eurobike Startup Award 2018

An innovation that increases visibility and safety when cycling without the need for any additional batteries or recharging operations. For us, the crucial feature in this illuminated pedal was the fact that energy for the light is produced from actually pedalling. Especially recommended for children.


The vision

All cyclists should have the opportunity to feel more visible and safe on the road, especially during evening and night. We think that pedals with integrated turn signals must be available on every kind of city bike, exactly as it happens for others  means of transport.

The mission

Our mission is to bring on the market a new and unique bicycle component that satisfies cyclist's safety need during the turning action more than ever. PED is the key to give cyclists an effortless and greater sense of visibility and safetyon the road.

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